About Us

United Fashion:

With a mission of taking unique designs to every house hold and give everyone a reason to dress well; a group of fashion advisors came together to establish this fashion house called "United Fashion". Over time the fashion house has build up expertise in sourcing best of the designs and offers a wide range of designs at an extremely competitive price. So, we invite all of you on a journey of being what you want to be, we invite you on a journey of true passion for fashion and keep discovering our designs.
Team: United Fashion got established with a joint effort of two entrepreneurs having prodigious experience in fashion industry.
Ranjana:   Presently heading sourcing and business development of the fashion house. She has got several years of experience in fashion industry and in last two years she has spent a lot of time with fashion advisors working with them in various projects. One may get in touch with her at ranjana@unitedfashion.in
Seema:   Presently heading Customer Relations, logistics and supply chain of the fashion house, she has got several years of experience in working with aviation industry and fashion industry. One may get in touch with her at seema@unitedfashion.in

Product Portfolio:
Sarees ( Saris )
Weather it is about essence of traditionalism or expression of your beauty a Saree is adored in most of the occasions. We specialize in Sarees in all possible variety, whether it is a Banarasi Saree or Bengali Saree, whether it is Mysore Silk or a South Indian Saree. Our promise is the quality and the design. If you ever thought about a Bengali Saree or a South Indian Saree you just have to follow our store for best of the designs at a never before price.
Salwar Kameez
One of the most trusted way to look gorgeous, we are confident about the design and textile quality. You just have to select your choice.
One Gram Gold Designer Jewelry
Follow our store for best of the designer jewelry, our designs comes with a promise of quality. We are sure you find many designs matching you personality and style.

Coming Product Launches :
Leather Bags :   We are gearing up to launch our very unique collection of leather bags, weather in terms of design or the quality you will surely experience a product with lot of wow in it.
Kurta :   Very soon we are launching our in-house range of designer Kurtas - a ultimate combination of comfort and design. Keep looking for it we are sure you won't like to miss it.

Business Opportunity with United fashion :
Fashion Advisors:   If you have flair of fashion and you love to talk about latest trends in fashion with your friends and pear group, we have an assignment for you. Come and join us as a family member and a business associate, irrespective where you based in India we can provide you a platform to prove what you have in you. To know the details please write to us at contact@unitedfashion.in
Your Designs:   If you think you have a design with you and if you wish to sell your creation in our store under your label, you may share your thought with us, as per our agreed term and conditions we can help you promote your designs with our clients. So, let us help you make your own brand. To know the detail please write to us at contact@unitedfashion.in